Mouse Head Fixing Implant A1 E-NB

Head-fixing implant for microscopy in the left auditory cortex + electrophysiology in the nucleus basalis of mice

An adaptation from the Head Fixation Implant A1. It allow simultaneous microscopy in the left auditory cortex and electrophysiology in nucleus basalis of mice.  The base is glued to the cleaned skull surface with dental cement or glue. The left ring leaves room for installation of the cranial window. Compatible with 3 mm (diameter) cranial windows. The cone protects in the implanted electrode. The right clips and spring together hold the electrode connector. The Eiffel-Tower tail tip is locked with the Standard Dovetail Fixation. Good for electrophysiology, epifluorescence imaging, 2-photon imaging, intrinsic imaging, etc.

Data sheet

Titanium Grade 23