implant W1.0
  • implant W1.0

Mouse head fixing implant V

Head-fixing implant for microscopy in the right visual cortex of mice

what's special with this implant?

It allows access of big and state-of-the-art microscope objectives and enables imaging of huge fields of view in the visual cortex.

Used for head-fixed, in vivo imaging in the visual cortex of mice. The helmet-shaped base is glued to the cleaned skull surface with dental cement or glue. The ring leaves room for installation of the cranial window. Compatible with 5 mm (diameter) cranial windows. The Eiffel-Tower tail tip is locked with the Standard Dovetail Fixation. Good for epifluorescence imaging, 2-photon imaging, intrinsic imaging, etc.

area of interest scientific

Data sheet

Titanium grade 23

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