• application example : GRIN lens implantation with Precision Gripper  under a UCLA MiniScope
  • the interchangeable tips can hold down to 0.3 mm diameter easily
  • standard tip capacity 0.5-1.2 mm diameter best suited for GRIN lenses

Precision Gripper

The precision gripper is a tool used for implanting small optics, fiberoptics, GRIN lenses, and various electrodes. It has interchangeable tips that can grip and hold multiple small objects at the same time. The gripper's tips move parallel to each other, providing precise control and positioning for delicate procedures. This product is designed to simplify and improve the accuracy of implantation procedures.

In addition to its precision and versatility, the precision gripper can also be used on standard stereotaxic equipment by using the our stereotaxic adapter bar. By using the adapter bar, the gripper can be integrated seamlessly into existing experimental setups, enabling researchers to perform complex procedures with ease and accuracy.


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